Let’s Be Logical

So this is something that I used to accept without question. This is something I used to think was right, biblical, and biological. I have since done my research and found the whole thing ridiculous.

I am talking about the breast fetish in America.

If you do any research on this, you’ll find that the obsession of the female breast is not biological, but cultural. You’ll find that by covering them we have sexualized them. We have made breastfeeding into an awkward ordeal of feeding under a blanket or in a bathroom. We have shamed girls at school for a centimeter of cleavage. We have obsessed over telling people their bra straps are showing.

So let’s think about this logically. Men and women have nipples. Men and women have different sizes and shapes of breasts. The only difference is the female’s ability to nourish her babies with them.

I am completely okay with women wearing bras to work out and for the back support if necessary.

I am not okay with society dictating what sort of shape breasts should be. Why does the breast have to be rounded off and shoved upward? Bras do not help prevent sagging, but weaken your muscles and make them sag more.

I am not okay with society deciding that my breasts are sexual. They really don’t have to be. I believe that if we desexualize the female breast, more equality between sexes will be achieved. American culture has sexualized the female breast so much that they are arousing even to heterosexual females.

96% of sexualized images in the media are of the female body.  If we desexualize breasts into being as normal as elbows, advertisements can’t use the female body in the same way. And I’m not saying go topless at work or in class, but in the same normal places that men are topless such as beaches, pools, and outside on a hot day. I’m saying people shouldn’t be offended by nipples. I’m saying women should feel confident going braless. I’m saying we’ve been ridiculous about breasts.

Yes, I know I sound like an idealist, but today I’ve really been thinking about “be the change you wish to see in the world.” If we as a church want to see women be treated more like humans and less like objects, we have to stop shaming women’s curves. We have to see people as God intended us to. We have to stop using “modest is hottest” to shame women into dressing a certain way. How much or how little clothing you wear is not a physical representation of how close to God you are. Modesty is all about your intentions, not your clothing.

I am never going to judge a women for breastfeeding in public.

I am never going to judge a women for “nipping” through her shirt.

I am never going to judge a women for swimming topless.

We really have not been thinking logically or biologically about this. We could end the fetish if we actually tried. All it takes is some thought to see how weird our culture is. It’s easy to grow up thinking that our culture is the right way to do things.

Breasts are a beautiful attribute to both the female and male body. I’m not saying that breasts can’t be special to your spouse, I’m saying culture shouldn’t sexulize them. You have lips, you show them publicly, but you kiss who you love. You have hands, you show them publicly, but you hold hands with people you love. You have eyes, you show them publicly, but you can look at the people you love differently. You have breasts, you should be able to show them publicly, and you can use them to nourish your children and be special to your husband.

I’ve added links throughout this post to help you start your research, if you choose to be further enlightened. Here is a link to my favorite article on the female breast with a godly perspective. I strongly encourage you to read it.



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